Services and Pricing

The Matt on Carrington offers everything you need to get your laundry done so you can get back to do what you do best!

ServiceCostPayment Accepted
Washing: 8kg$5Coin and ePay
Washing: 14kg$9Coin and ePay
Washing: 18kg$12Coin and ePay
Washing Powder$1 / Bring your own$1 Coin only
Fabric SofterIncluded
Drying$1 /6 minCoin and ePay
Personal LaundryContact Us
AirBnB ServiceContact Us
The Mat Services and Pricing


The Matt offers self-service washing in three different washing machine sizes which are priced accordingly. Washing machines accept coins and ePay.
Fabric softener is already included all you need is washing powder, bring your own or get from the vending machine.

SizePrice per load
Self Serve washing pricing per load

Soap and Fabric Softner

Fabric softer is already included in your wash, all you need to add is washing powder, bring your own get from the vending machine at $1 per sachet. Please note the vending machine only accepts $1 coins. Change machine is available in the laundromat.

Washing Soap Vending Machine
Washing Soap Vending Machine

We recommend the following soap quantities:

  • For 8kg loads – use 1 soap powder sachet
  • For 14kg loads – use 2 soap powder sachets
  • For 18kg loads – use 2 – 3 soap powder sachets


Dryers are available and accept both Coins and ePay.

Cost: $1 for 6 min drying time for all dryer temperature.

We suggest the following drying times:

Drying times

  • For an 8kg load – minimum about 30min ($5 -$6)
  • For a 14kg load – minimum about 45min ($7 –$8)
  • For an 18kg load – perhaps split the load and use 2 dryers 30 min each ($5 – $6 Per dryer)

Dryer Temperature

  • HIGH temperature 88°C
  • MED temperature 82°C
  • LOW temperature 72°C
  • DELICATES temperature 54°C

Personal Laundry

Let us take care of the laundry and you take care of life!

Drop & Go Service

We offer same day and next day laundry service. Drop your laundry off before 9.30 am and collect before 1 pm.

  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent and softener
  • Wash, Dry, and Fold
  • Garments are washed separately, with whites and coloured clothes also separated.

Contact us to set up this service

AirBnB Service

Do you have an AirBnB and want to take the hassle out of ensuring perfect sheets every time? We can help! contact us to set up a custom laundry solution that will keep your guests happy and you stress-free.