Washing Machine Operating Instructions

8kg, 14kg and 18kg washing machine instructions

1. Place your laundry into the machine and close the door by applying moderate pressure on the door handle and simultaneously turning the door handle slightly to the left. The machine can be loaded full with dry linen.

2. Choose one of the available wash programs by using the arrow arrow-up or arrow-down buttons.

washer control panel
  • Wash Program 1: Hot wash, 65°C
  • Wash Program 2: Warm wash, 50°C
  • Wash Program 3: Cold wash, 20°C
  • Wash Program 4: Bright colours, 20°C
  • Wash Program 5: Woollens and delicates, 15°C

3. Place the correct amount of soap powder in the dispenser located on the top of the washing machine. DO NOT use too much soap as this will cause the machine to malfunction.

washer dispenser

We suggest the following soap powder quantities are used:

  • For 8kg loads – use 1 soap powder sachet
  • For 14kg loads – use 2 soap powder sachets
  • For 18kg loads – use 2 – 3 soap powder sachets

4. Insert coins in the slot or load credit using ePay, corresponding with the selected program. The display will show the remaining sum to be paid.

5. Once the correct amount of coins has been inserted, press the START button.

6. During the wash cycle the display will show the time remaining.

7. At the end of the wash cycle, the display will show the message UNLOAD. Open the door by turning the knob clockwise and remove your laundry from the machine.