Dryer Operating Instructions

These instructions apply to all dryers in The Mar.

1. Load your laundry into the dryer.

2. Select the temperature by pressing the appropriate temperature pad.

  • HIGH temperature 88°C
  • MED temperature 82°C
  • LOW temperature 72°C
  • DELICATES temperature 54°C

3. Insert your coin(s) into the slot or load credit using ePay – $1 for 6 min. $5 minimum using ePay

We suggest the following drying times:

  • For an 8kg load – minimum about 30min ($5 – $6)
  • For a 14kg load – minimum about 45min ($7 –$8)
  • For an 18kg load – perhaps split the load and use 2 dryers 30 min each ($5 – $6 Per dryer)

NOTE – if using the top dryer, use the left hand coin mechanism, and if using the bottom dryer, use the right hand coin mechanism.


4. Press START.

IMPORTANT – to stop the dryer at any time during the cycle, open door. To restart, close the door and press START.

NOTE – coins can be add coins at any time to increase the drying time.

5. When the cycle is complete, open the door and remove your laundry immediately. DO NOT leave warm laundry in the dryer when it is no longer tumbling this is a fire hazard.